e-journal Stedelik Studies Issue #3 is online: "The Place of Performance"




"The Place of Performance"

Stedelik Studies Issue #3


[...] This present issue of Stedelijk Studies is less devoted to the institutional questions than to bringing together and exploring artistic and art historical positions regarding performance today and, in part, shifting the focus away from the predominant European-American (institutional) narrative.

We chose, as a title for the issue, The Place of Performance, in order to bring these positions to the fore. Indeed, “place” not only evokes the geographic, spatial, and temporal parameters of performance, it is also an invitation to explore the disciplinary place or non-place of performance amidst dance and choreography, theater, public space, visual art, and political activism. Moreover, we see it as an invitation to explore the places of performance within art history. The authors who responded to the call for papers and were invited to contribute to this issue approached these topics in multiple ways. [...]

(Sophie Berrebi / Hendrik Folkerts, the editors)