Documentation Art Performance: Conflict or Complement? (Symposium)




Documentation Art Performance: Conflict or Complement?


on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 October, 2015 in Berlin


The symposium tries to shed new light on the mutually productive relation between choreographic performance and its documentation. While debates tend to go back and forth between ontological claims for authenticity and pragmatic needs for preservation, the symposium’s focus is on the artistic status of both performance making and documentation. This perspective calls for a revision of certain qualities often attributed to the document, such as “secondary”, “reductive”, or “arbitrary”. Considering that both choreography and documentation create artefacts with all of their authorial and medial specificity, the point of interest would be: what strategies can be put in place allowing for a non-hierarchical approach? By inviting curators, artists, and scholars active in the field, the symposium intends to investigate productive relations between the “event” and its trace, between authenticity and historicity, creation and dissemination.



Philip Auslander (Atlanta), Barbara Clausen (Montréal), Phil Collins (Cologne), Susanne Foellmer (Berlin), Barbara Formis (Paris), Sigrid Gareis (Berlin), Babette Mangolte (San Diego, New York), Boyan Manchev (Berlin, Sofia), Eric P. Morrill (San Francisco); moderator: Franz Anton Cramer (Berlin)


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Uferstudios Berlin, studio #14
Uferstraße 23
13357 Berlin (Wedding)
subway U8 Pankstrasse