Barbara Büscher is a professor of media studies / intermediality at Leipzig Academy of Music and Theatre. She has published numerous essays on independent theatre, post-dramatic live art, performance theory and media art, art and technology. Since 2010 her research focuses on questions of historiography of performance and media art and on performance / performing archives. She is a co-publisher of the online journal MAP – media / archive / performance ( In collaboration with Dr. Franz Anton Cramer (University of the Arts Berlin) she has been leading the research project “Records and Representations. Media and Constitutive Systems in Archiving Performance-based Arts” since 2013 (see: Since 2005, she cooperates with Jana Horáková in various media and performance research projects.  Her latest book publication is focused on spaces of art presentation in different formats:
Barbara Büscher / Verean Eitel/Beatrix von Pilgrim (ed.): Raumverschiebung: Black Box – White Cube, Hildesheim  2014).



Dr. Martin Flašar, Ph.D. ( is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Musicology, Masaryk University, Brno, CZ. His research is focused on technology in art, multimedia, and 20th century music.



Annie Goh (UK) is an artist and researcher working primarily with sound, space, electronic media and generative processes and their social and cultural contexts, based between London and Berlin. She holds degrees in Sound Studies, Art & Media and German & European Studies. Recent articles include “GendyTrouble - Cyber*Feminist Computer Music” (2016), entries to “Music”, “Chamber Music” and “Hörigkeit” in Flusseriana – An Intellectual Toolbox (2015) & "Myths of Echo - Sound Art and Archaeoacoustics" (2014). She has co-curated the discourse program of CTM Festival since 2013 and has lectured at Berlin University of Arts (Art and Media) and Humboldt University (Media Theory). She is currently recipient of the Stuart Hall PhD Scholarship at Goldsmiths University of London, Department of Media and Communications.



Jana Horáková (born 1971) is an associate professor of Theory of interactive media at the Department of Musicology of the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University, Brno. She studied theatre studies at Charles University in Prague and Masaryk University in Brno and media studies at the University of Lapland, Finland. She focuses on media art and performance art, historical and theoretical interrelations and on robotic art (Book: Robot as Robot, KLP: Prague 2011). She met with Barbara Büscher on the first Media-Performance symposium (Goethe-Institute, Prague 2005) and since that time they have continuously cooperated. They organized the Czech-German symposium Media-Performance 2 on ´ephemerality´ (Dům pánů z Kunštátu, Brno 2007), Media-Performance 3 on ´memory´, and they are co-editors of Czech-German publication: Imaginary Spaces: Raum/Prostor – Medien /Média – Performance/Performance (KLP: Prague 2008). In her latest publication Software Studies.Towards New Media Studies Transformations (2014) she introduces main concepts and milestones of software studies that she interprets as significant methodological turn.



Stefan Höltgen - PhD (1971) - studied Linguistics, Philosophy, Social Sciences and Media Studies from 1996 to 2000 in Jena. 2009 he did a dissertation in German Literature Studies in Bonn about „Discourses of Media and Violence in Authentic Serial Killer Movies“. 2008 he moved to Berlin where he is working as publicist. In 2011 he started a post-doc research on „The Archaeology of Early Micro Computers and their Programming“ at the Department of Musicology and Media Studies (Berlin Humboldt University) which is also a second dissertation at the Center for Computer Studies (Berlin Humboldt University). He publishes and edits books and papers on the history of computing, computer games and the archaeology and epistemology of media as well as reviews of video games, movies, and books. His key subjects are computers, media, technology and their history. In 2015 he started a book series on computer archaeology and joined the editorial staff of the magazine „Grundlagenstudien in Kybernetik and Geisteswissenschaft“ (Fundamentals in Cybernetics and Humanities). He curates the annual „Vintage Computing Festival Berlin“.



Kateřina Krtilová is a researcher and coordinator of the Kompetenzzentrum Medienanthropologie (Competence Center for Media Anthropology) at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. In 2013/2014 she initiated and coordinated the DFG funded research project “Positionen und Perspektiven der deutschen und tschechischen Medienphilosophie” (Positions and Perspectives of German and Czech Media Philosophy). Since 2014 she is a member of the editorial board of the Internationales Jahrbuch für Medienphilosophie (International Journal of Media Philosophy).
She studied Media Studies, Philosophy and Humanities in Prague and Regensburg and worked as a research assistant at Charles University in Prague and  Internationales Kolleg für Kulturtechnikforschung und Medienphilosophie (International Research Institute for Cultural Technologies and Media Philosophy) in Weimar.
Recent publications of hers include:
„Media matter. Materiality and Performativity in Media Theory”, in: Bernd Herzogenrath (ed.), Media | Matter. London/New York 2015; „Anderes Erkennen. Zur Greifbarkeit und Undurchdringlichkeit medialer Praktiken“, in: Jörg Sternagel, Dieter Mersch und Lisa Stertz (ed.), Kraft der Alterität. Ethische und aisthetische Dimensionen des Performativen. Bielefeld 2015; „Medienreflexiv. Zur Genese eines Verfahrens zwischen Martin Heidegger und Vilém Flusser“,in: Internationales Jahrbuch für Medienphilosophie 1/2015.



Jan Thoben studied musicology and art history at Humboldt University in Berlin. In 2009 Thoben was a research fellow at Ludwig-Boltzmann-Institute in Linz and is co-editor of the print and online compendium “See This Sound”, an interdisciplinary survey of audiovisual culture. Since 2013 he has lectured at Goldsmiths University of London (computational arts), HfK Bremen and University of Potsdam (media studies). Thoben is teaching assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig. He also teaches at the Sound Studies postgraduate course at the Berlin University of the Arts.



Shintaro Miyazaki studied Media Studies, Musicology and Philosophy at University of Basel. Ph.D. on media archaeology of computation at Humboldt-University of Berlin in 2012. He is a senior researcher at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts North western Switzerland, Academy of Art and Design, Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures in Basel and is creating epistemic devices and open-source software for inquiring media and their timing and effects on history, culture and society.



Julia Wiesner, born 1982, graphic designer, diploma as communication designer / University of Applied Sciences Potsdam in 2012.
Dome Didactics Award, Fulldome Festival Jena 2013
Best of Show, Fulldome UK 2012
Performance Award, Fulldome Festival Jena 2011