Pupilija, papa Pupilo and the Pupilceks – Reconstruction

The performance "Pupilija, papa Pupilo pa Pupilcki" was originally presented in 1969 by the Slovene group "Pupilija Ferkeverk", a group of poets, visual artists, musicians and amateurs under the direction of Dusan Juvanovic. The work consisted of twenty scenes, including elements of everyday life, popular culture, folklore, children's games, contemporary dance, performance and improvisation. The complex “destiny” of this endeavour, the changes and the mystifications around this work considered groundbreaking for Slovene arts were the object of a reconstruction project animated by Emil Hrvatin, artistic director fo the Maska group, in 2006. An important documentation of "Pupilija, papa Pupilo pa Pupilcki" was published in the review Maska (Summer 2006). The pieces reproduced here are part of this documentation.