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MAP #14
Doing Documentation

Documentation is a burgeoning field that has been explored by researchers in a range of disciplines and practices, including performance, theatre, film, music, opera, digital and new media arts, archival and museum studies, conservation, curation, and human computer interaction. Methods have varied significantly across these fields, though the increased popularity of performative and digital practices has tended to bring disciplinary approaches closer together. More and more commonly do artists, researchers, and cultural organisations document not only the reception or user experiences of an artwork, but also its creation (even retrospectively) and iterative development over time, offering detail about a given artwork’s context, convergence, and even deterioration. Here, building on what we showed in our article ‘Digital archive environments’ also published by MAP (2022), we chose to bring together a series of researchers from different disciplines spanning music, conservation, curation, film, festivals, video games, digital art, and installation art to map the very latest trends in their respective fields which they chose to discuss through a series of case studies focussing on specific museums, artworks, festivals and conservation practices. [...]

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